Chintimini Kennel Club Dog Show - Albany, OR

The Chintimini Kennel Club dog show in Albany, OR the weekend of April 7th - April 9th, was a very good dog show for the boys. Both boys got Best Of Breed wins, Benny on Saturday and Angus on Sunday. Plus Spring got Select Bitch on Sunday, 5 more points towards her Bronze Grand Championship. She now only needs 8 points.

This weekend on Sunday, Angus acquired his Championship in a big way with 3 major wins, including the Best of Breed win.

Really proud of how well the boys are doing

I must also give credit to Annika Dechart, who has been handling Angus for Doug. Annika has such good chemistry with Angus and really makes him look good.


International Dog Show, (IABCA) - Richfield, WA

International Dog Show, (IABCA) - Richfield, WA

First International Dog Show, IABCA held in Richfield, WA, March 10th and 11th. Each day there were 2 shows, plus on Saturday, there was an additional Express Show. Benny was entered into the Bred By Exhibitor Senior Puppy Class. Angus was entered in the Senior Pupply Class. Both boys did very well at this show.

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